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Hello and welcome one and all! I am a 33 year old artist who loves, cats, nature, healing crystals, cosplay, fashion, photography and music. I will be posting stuff here about things that I love and do. This is my blog and I hope you enjoy your reading.

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    Posted by: Hibiki Hime Posted date: 5:32 PM / comment : 0

    Like always is my tradition to every year attend this amazing event. This year I decided to do a group cosplay of Majoras Mask. I shall be Skull Kid. I am also helping my husband and my friend Delwin with their cosplays. Its not an easy task to do so many outfist and crafts at the same time but we shall conque this and it shall be awesome. I, as you know, am a huge fan of Legend of Zelda. Last year I did female Link.

    Me and the man at the Majoras Mask 3D release

    I also did my mans cosplay and masks (10 of them plus the backpack). This year he will use this same cosplay to be part of the group. Working on my wearable Majoras Mask wasn't easy, in fact, it has its derpyness. Here are some pictures of the process. 

    I used the technique of paper mache with news papers and a hell lot of glue heheh on ballons. I used like 10 laters of news papers for this baby. By the way, hors are also made of paper, I just bended them a little to shape them. After shaping I did the layers of masking tape. 

    After a few days of drying in the sun I put a few layers of masking tape and then wood glue on it. Like two layers of it would do. Then I did the painting and continued with details.

    This is the final result. Its not perfect but I love it anyways. 

    The outfit is still in process. I just started last weekend on the patterns and cutting the fabrics. I still feel I have so much to do! 

    I will be making a post of the whole outfit process after Im done with the whole thing. Im hoping to finish this before the end of April. I HOPE. Still have to help my friend with his outfit and also help my man with restoring some of his props. I GOT THIS! hehehe. Until next time you gorgeous creatures of the world! 

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