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Hello and welcome one and all! I am a 33 year old artist who loves, cats, nature, healing crystals, cosplay, fashion, photography and music. I will be posting stuff here about things that I love and do. This is my blog and I hope you enjoy your reading.

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    Posted by: Hibiki Hime Posted date: 9:05 AM / comment : 0

    Yesterday evening I spent it at the comic book store in an art show case. I exposed my art work for the first time. I spent last week working on art pieces of different fandoms. I encountered a struggle doing super heroes, but doing this exposition I have made up my mind on trying super heroes and villains. Most of the work I exposed yesterday is done through traditional art and water coloring.

    Working on some of the paintings for yesterdays exposition.

    Water Coloring is the one thing I enjoy the most when it comes to art

     My visit to the comic book store has inspired me to work on the one thing Im not good at, Super Heroes and Villains in comic book style. I will try to work on my positions and angles as well. I have long ways to go when it comes to art, but I wont give up.  Yesterday was my very first time exposing my art to the world in a public place. I was very bummed up about the fact I didnt sell a single piece of art after working so hard all week, I posted this on facebook and several friends commented positively, including friends that are also artist. They said its normal as an artist that begins to expose. Thanks to them I have picked my self up and realize its part of it and that I will not give up on my art. I will keep going and try the best to get my self out there and share my art with the world.

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