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Hello and welcome one and all! I am a 33 year old artist who loves, cats, nature, healing crystals, cosplay, fashion, photography and music. I will be posting stuff here about things that I love and do. This is my blog and I hope you enjoy your reading.

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    Posted by: Hibiki Hime Posted date: 8:45 AM / comment : 0

    This weekend was very awesome. I went to the first local Comic event close to my town. MayaWest Comic Fest. This time thou I used a simple cosplay. I went as 11th Doctor. It's the first time an event of this kind its done near my town. For being the first one, it turned out to be good. Attendance was quite impressive and the best part of all, I got to see good friends!

    Always surround your self with wonderful people and you will always smile.

    There were many vendors at the event. So many goodies merchandise everywhere. I actually got me an Ajani Goldmane Figure. There was a booth selling homemade Melon Pan. Let me tell you, that was delicious, it had chocolate chip in them! Overall the event was pretty good. I am really looking forward to the next one next year.

    Its all fun and games until Yaranaika throws the arm and Sanji shows up. Then its just PERFECT.

    Ignore my sensual face LOL 

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