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Hello and welcome one and all! I am a 33 year old artist who loves, cats, nature, healing crystals, cosplay, fashion, photography and music. I will be posting stuff here about things that I love and do. This is my blog and I hope you enjoy your reading.

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    Posted by: Hibiki Hime Posted date: 8:17 AM / comment : 0

    What a better day than a Friday to publish a good old art post?

    I remember the very first time I took on drawing. I was like 13 years old. My first drawing was an alien head (LOL). I have been doing art for several years, sadly now a days I rarely draw. Except lately, I have been drawing more often, but weeks could pass until I pick up a pencil and draw something.

    Not too long ago I started building an art portfolio (online). I still have so much work to do with it. So far its been turning out well. Here is the link:  http://hibikidreamers.wix.com/eternalwonderland

    This Tuesday Ill be giving an art seminar to 9th graders about water coloring basics. It was supposed to be today but I'm such a dummy that I left my materials on my desk. But I rearrange the schedule to Tuesday. This time I set the agenda to ring for a reminder. I'm very forgetful at times hehehhe.

    There's an art project I want to work on this summer, inspired on Hayao Miyazakis characters and wisdom. The Project will be called "We are the children who never grow up." The media I will use for this is Traditional and Water Colors. To be honest, I love working with water colors. The texture and smoothness of colors are attractive to the eye.

    Well that's it for today. I hope you enjoy my small art gallery/portfolio. Until next time, creatures of the world.

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