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Hello and welcome one and all! I am a 33 year old artist who loves, cats, nature, healing crystals, cosplay, fashion, photography and music. I will be posting stuff here about things that I love and do. This is my blog and I hope you enjoy your reading.

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  • Yesterday evening I spent it at the comic book store in an art show case. I exposed my art work for the first time. I spent last week working on art pieces of different fandoms. I encountered a struggle doing super heroes, but doing this exposition I have made up my mind on trying super heroes and villains. Most of the work I exposed yesterday is done through traditional art and water coloring.

    Working on some of the paintings for yesterdays exposition.

    Water Coloring is the one thing I enjoy the most when it comes to art

     My visit to the comic book store has inspired me to work on the one thing Im not good at, Super Heroes and Villains in comic book style. I will try to work on my positions and angles as well. I have long ways to go when it comes to art, but I wont give up.  Yesterday was my very first time exposing my art to the world in a public place. I was very bummed up about the fact I didnt sell a single piece of art after working so hard all week, I posted this on facebook and several friends commented positively, including friends that are also artist. They said its normal as an artist that begins to expose. Thanks to them I have picked my self up and realize its part of it and that I will not give up on my art. I will keep going and try the best to get my self out there and share my art with the world.

  • This weekend was very awesome. I went to the first local Comic event close to my town. MayaWest Comic Fest. This time thou I used a simple cosplay. I went as 11th Doctor. It's the first time an event of this kind its done near my town. For being the first one, it turned out to be good. Attendance was quite impressive and the best part of all, I got to see good friends!

    Always surround your self with wonderful people and you will always smile.

    There were many vendors at the event. So many goodies merchandise everywhere. I actually got me an Ajani Goldmane Figure. There was a booth selling homemade Melon Pan. Let me tell you, that was delicious, it had chocolate chip in them! Overall the event was pretty good. I am really looking forward to the next one next year.

    Its all fun and games until Yaranaika throws the arm and Sanji shows up. Then its just PERFECT.

    Ignore my sensual face LOL 

  • Like always is my tradition to every year attend this amazing event. This year I decided to do a group cosplay of Majoras Mask. I shall be Skull Kid. I am also helping my husband and my friend Delwin with their cosplays. Its not an easy task to do so many outfist and crafts at the same time but we shall conque this and it shall be awesome. I, as you know, am a huge fan of Legend of Zelda. Last year I did female Link.

    Me and the man at the Majoras Mask 3D release

    I also did my mans cosplay and masks (10 of them plus the backpack). This year he will use this same cosplay to be part of the group. Working on my wearable Majoras Mask wasn't easy, in fact, it has its derpyness. Here are some pictures of the process. 

    I used the technique of paper mache with news papers and a hell lot of glue heheh on ballons. I used like 10 laters of news papers for this baby. By the way, hors are also made of paper, I just bended them a little to shape them. After shaping I did the layers of masking tape. 

    After a few days of drying in the sun I put a few layers of masking tape and then wood glue on it. Like two layers of it would do. Then I did the painting and continued with details.

    This is the final result. Its not perfect but I love it anyways. 

    The outfit is still in process. I just started last weekend on the patterns and cutting the fabrics. I still feel I have so much to do! 

    I will be making a post of the whole outfit process after Im done with the whole thing. Im hoping to finish this before the end of April. I HOPE. Still have to help my friend with his outfit and also help my man with restoring some of his props. I GOT THIS! hehehe. Until next time you gorgeous creatures of the world! 

  • What a better day than a Friday to publish a good old art post?

    I remember the very first time I took on drawing. I was like 13 years old. My first drawing was an alien head (LOL). I have been doing art for several years, sadly now a days I rarely draw. Except lately, I have been drawing more often, but weeks could pass until I pick up a pencil and draw something.

    Not too long ago I started building an art portfolio (online). I still have so much work to do with it. So far its been turning out well. Here is the link:  http://hibikidreamers.wix.com/eternalwonderland

    This Tuesday Ill be giving an art seminar to 9th graders about water coloring basics. It was supposed to be today but I'm such a dummy that I left my materials on my desk. But I rearrange the schedule to Tuesday. This time I set the agenda to ring for a reminder. I'm very forgetful at times hehehhe.

    There's an art project I want to work on this summer, inspired on Hayao Miyazakis characters and wisdom. The Project will be called "We are the children who never grow up." The media I will use for this is Traditional and Water Colors. To be honest, I love working with water colors. The texture and smoothness of colors are attractive to the eye.

    Well that's it for today. I hope you enjoy my small art gallery/portfolio. Until next time, creatures of the world.

  • Once again I decided to start a blog. I haven't blogged in so long. I used to have an old blog about Japanese fashion and other related interest, but as time passed my likes and new discoveries in life had changed me. For example I have discovered new passions, new interests. I will document and write about all my adventures and daily ramblings. I will also include reviews on different things like products, food, places and online shopping.

    For now I'm still fixing this blog and making pretty for all readers which probably will not be many. But all of you who do take the time to read it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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